Retrofit Scales


Retrofit Scales

Need a simple scale kit for a small bin or platform? Our Retrofit Kits are simple, reliable, and easy to use. Not only do we sell kits, but we are able to supply any replacement parts and provide service for any of our products. Here’s what a Triple Star kit can do for you:

  • 5,000 lb to 110,000 lb capacity
  • Runs on 12v DC or 110v AC power
  • Load cells bolt on corners of a platform, legs of bin, box, etc.
  • Use for cattle chutes, hog crates, bins, truck boxes, decks, platforms, bulk seed bags, etc.

Weigh Bars

Industry leading design and reliability for over 30 years. Wide range of capacities and configurations for both stationary and mobile applications.

CC-30/50 Load Cell

Compression load cell features 30k or 50k lb capacity. Completely sealed for long-lasting performance

universal weigh bars

Universal Bars

Round livestock/universal

Weighbar hitch

Hitch Bars

Mounts to tongue on mobile equipment. Many sizes and hole configurations available

Livestock Bars

Square livestock/universal

Weigh bar bin bars

Bin Bars

Truck platform/bin/hopper

Weighbar Axle

Spindle Bars

Replaces existing spindles to convert mobile equipment such as feed mixers and grain carts into scales