Libra Cart

Weighing & Data Management


Agrimatics utilizes state of the art technology to simplify and streamline necessary time consuming tasks into one application in the palm of your hand. The grain cart scale app supports unlimited quantities of fields, destinations, and commodities while following each load using GPS navigation.

What’s included:

About Agrimatics:

  • Agrimatics data can be viewed on an unlimited number of remote devices
  • Agrimatics harvest data is instantly emailed as a CSV file that can be used with any spreadsheet program
  • Automatically and accurately measures the amount of grain being loaded or unloaded from your cart while calculating the current weight of the cart. The data is unaffected by rough terrain through utilization of real-world data; no special sensors needed
  • Agrimatics Libra device works with your current grain cart load bars
  • Agrimatics app data can be displayed in Pounds, Kilograms, or Bushels
  • The operator can easily create, edit or delete transactions
  • Future updates to the Agrimatics application will be done through cloud-connectivity resulting in the latest innovations and capabilities easily installed on your current device
  • Agrimatics is currently working on an update to enable cloud sharing between devices and automatically syncing data to the web-application

Agrimatics Features

Agrimatics is handy and flexible. A variety of standard features make this one of the most valuable tools you will use on your grain or seed operation.

  • Automatic Unload Detection (detect and records grain unloaded from the cart)
  • Unlimited Remotes (any paired mobile device can read live weights)
  • Data Sharing (harvest data can be shared via email and Aero for security and accessibility)
  • Tracking (track field, truck, destination, and commodity)
  • Display Smoothing (stabilizes weights when driving through rough fields)
  • Log Transfer Locations (devices that support GPS will automatically record the location of each load)
  • Configurable Units (set display in lbs, kg, or bu)
  • Manage Your Data (simple data editing and notation)

Libra Cart Hardware Features

Libra Cart Hardware is simple to install and simple to use. The hardware features include:

  • Easy Installation (mounts to your grain cart and connects to standard load cells through the junction box)
  • Wireless (communicates with the Libra app wirelessly)
  • Battery Operated (one battery charge outlasts average harvest seasons)
  • Weatherproof (designed to operate in your working conditions)
  • Over-the-air Updates (software can be updated from your mobile device)
  • Remote Diagnostics (if problems arise, remote diagnostics will keep you operating)