Agrimatics Libra app running on tablet and phone


First ever tablet and smart-phone
based weighing system for
grain cards and feed mixers

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Auger-Steer turned left Auger-Steer Auger-Steer turned right


Steering augers in the right direction

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BIL box scraper attached to tractor

B.I.L. Box Scrapers

Move large amounts of dirt fast
with the Big Hammer box scraper

Box Scrapers

Triple Star Manufacturing is an agriculture equipment producer and distributor based out of MacGregor, Manitoba Canada. Triple Star Mfg is committed to maximizing the productivity of today’s farmers through constant innovation of agricultural equipment and its capabilities. Triple Star Mfg carries grain cart scales, platform scales, retrofit scales, livestock scales and scale indicators in addition to the following product lines:

Auger-Steer is a steering control system manufactured by Triple Star Mfg that allows the operator to manoeuvre any auger or conveyor into any tight areas through use of hydraulic controls in the tractor cab.

Avery Weigh-Tronix and Digi-Star grain cart scale systems distributed by Triple Star Mfg generates grain loading/unloading information to enable live updating grain cart weight data as the crop is being transferred.

Agrimatics introduces the Libra Cart and Libra TMR application and device is a grain cart and feed mixers scale packages that utilize state of the art technology to simplify and streamline necessary time consuming tasks into one application in the palm of your hand.

Triple Star Manufacturing is also a distributor of Big Dog and B.I.L Scrapers.