Auger-steer invention drives farm family’s business success

Diversifying into manufacturing creates more opportunity for the Toews family, but there have been many lessons along the way

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Canadian Farm Progress show spotlight

Video feature from the 2019 Canadian Farm Progress Show on Auger-Steer by Triple Star Mfg. of MacGregor, Manitoba. New solutions allows for drastically improved maneuverability of pull type augers and conveyors into and around tight spots on the farm

A Warm Welcome for Agrimatics

We are excited to officially announce our partnership with BitStrata, makers of Agrimatics. This is a partnership that we have been working on for quite some time. We officially became a distributor of Agrimatics last year, and this season we … read more

News in the Livetock Industry

Data management with livestock operations isn’t a new concept. Weighing and targeting specific weights isn’t a breakthrough. The importance of this however is now becoming even greater. With outbreaks of PEDv dealing huge blows to the hog market, companies like Tyson are now modifying their approach to recover from the … read more