Scale Systems




Most commonly used for mounting onto seed tenders, feed wagons, weigh wagons and any platform scale:

Simple Operation: ZERO key zeros the scale, PRINT key transfers weight data to printer, computer, or transfer data module (TDM-40)

Gross/Tare/Net: G/N key allows viewing of either gross or net weights. TARE key is useful for temporary “zeroing” of the scale

Motion Filtering: Enhanced dual “harmonizer” filtering settles down weight display for easy viewing. Ideal for filtering excess motion on mixers and livestock applications

Memory Accumulators: 100 six-character alpha-numeric accumulator channels. Useful in identifying fields, seed type, livestock groups or amounts of recipes batched and or fed

640 XL

The 640XL has the same standard features as the 640, but comes with a 2.0″ backlit display for easy reading from truck or tractor cab.


640 M

  • Accumulate and store harvest totals for 100 fields.
  • Unique alphanumeric names can be used to identify each field in reports and data records.
  • Print individual load amounts with field name, and time.
  • Export data to a PC with the optional TDM memory device.
  • 1.1″ Backlit alpha numeric display.
  • Standard reports for single or all fields, including field names, # of accumulations, and totals.

The simple, compact Model 640M indicator fits neatly inside the cab and has grain cart functions built in.