Agrimatics Testimonials

“Overall super happy – was a great purchase and will never have a grain cart without Agrimatics installed.  We can all see the weighs in the cart by using the Libra app on our iPhones. This makes calibrating combine yield monitor a complete one person process. Just fantastic.”

“The scale works great, simply knowing how much is on the cart before traveling to the truck to unload was very helpful in the wet field conditions we had this fall.  The app based software made it really easy to install. The apps features of being able to track where your grain is going, such as grain contracts delivered off the field is really nice. The ability to take the monitor/Ipad into my office so I can look back at how many bushels came off each field is helpful. The staff At Triple Star were friendly and knowledgeable about the product.”

Mike Fleischhacker
Creekside Farm Inc.

“The Agrimatics libra has two essential features, simplicity and accuracy. The iPad app interface makes switching between fields and exporting information effortless.  Most important is the accuracy, each load is weighed automatically, operators doesn’t have to touch anything.  If a combine load is put directly onto a truck it is easy to manually input a load so that the field total is still accurate.  All of the data can be emailed directly from the iPad eliminating the old process of transferring to a usb and uploading to a complicated desktop program.

Following our last field I pressed the email button and in 10 seconds I received a one page email summarizing all fields and quantity harvested. Simple and accurate.”

Bruce Harbin
Harbin Seed Farm Ltd