Quad-Steer Testimonials

“I purchased Quad-Steer for my Batco conveyor as turning corners was virtually impossible. My first thought when I received it was how solid and heavily built it was. It was easy to install and very straight forward. There is no worry about cornering anymore. The quad wheels has greatly improved stability as well. One great invention that I will not go without.”

Wally Greif

“We are very happy with our Quad-Steer! We installed it on our 110′ conveyor. It was so hard to maneuver around because of the length it was near impossible to go out onto the road without putting it into the ditch. Now with the Quad-Steer we can turn onto roads with very narrow approaches with ease! Also putting into bins is so much easier.

Installing the Quad-Steer was very simple we had it installed in less than an hour. It’s one of those purchases that we wish we would have bought a lot sooner.”

Lorne Hilderman
DSL Acres Inc.