News in the Livetock Industry

May 24, 2014

Data management with livestock operations isn’t a new concept. Weighing and targeting specific weights isn’t a breakthrough. The importance of this however is now becoming even greater. With outbreaks of PEDv dealing huge blows to the hog market, companies like Tyson are now modifying their approach to recover from the limited supply. They are now targeting higher weight hogs. They won’t be the only company that will be taking this approach. Smaller, organic producers are largely unaffected today, however there are no guarantees for them either. As the larger companies shift their weight targets, the industry will likely follow suit. As target sell weights of the animals may change, data tracking becomes more important. Producers may now be venturing into new territory as they go from roughly 5-6 months of raising the animal to a longer cycle. This may be a simple feat, however the longer the animal is on the farm, the more it will cost the producer. Keeping eyes on the data and paying attention to market conditions will be the key to maintaining profit margins as the industries settles.

Cattle producers also have a new influencer in the market. Four meat processing plants in Mexico are now able to supply beef to the Canadian market. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has confirmed that these producers are now able to supply Canada under new export certificates. The CFIA recognizes Mexico’s federal inspection system as equivalent to the Canadian system. This new relationship will take some time to establish, so Canadian producers should have time to adjust and react to this newcomer to the Canadian beef market.

All in all, these changes and challenges may require innovation and high attention to detail in livestock operations. Adopting new technologies will more than likely aid in the success for our producers as long as they’re used properly and consistently.

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