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BD Mfg. Feedlot Special 12′ Land Leveller


Feedlot Special 12’ Land Leveller

The BD Manufacturing feedlot special 12’ land leveller is perfect for feedlots where tight areas and flotation is an issue. The width of this unit makes it small enough to get into smaller spaces and narrow hallways. With the weight distribution spread over 4 tires, you will see a higher degree of levelling capabilities. The screen extension allows for higher capacity when working with lighter materials. This unit has everything you need to get the job done.


  • 12.5L tires
  • 4’ high, 3’ deep, 12’ wide
  • 3’ raise
  • adjustable side skids
  • serrated or straight cutting edges
  • 2, 3.5” bore lift cylinders
  • 2900lbs weight