The GT 560, Harvest Tracker System is an easy retrofit for any scale-equipped grain cart. 
It is easy to upgrade your grain cart scale head to a GT 560. Here’s how:

  • First, if you are using a GT 460, transfer all data from the indicator to Harvest Tracker on your PC, via the USB stick.  
  • Transfer the set-up and calibration numbers (With your current Digi-Star scale head turned on, press ON to run self-test. Write down the setup and calibration numbers.).
  • Then, order the GT 560 to upgrade.


The GT 560 Indicator offers several unique and useful features including:

  • Grain Moisture Data recording during unloading and Dry Bushel calculation (Option)
  • GPS Location Data recorded for Loading and Unloading locations (Option)
  • Increased microprocessor power with firmware, updatable via USB stick
  • Hour Meter, Maintenance Message and Custom Sign-On Message
  • Retention of all GT 460 features such as:
    • Autolog – Automatically records Unloaded Weight Data
    • Autolog2 – Warns operator to help prevent overloaded trucks and trailers
    • Harvest Tracker* PC & Online – Utility and Record Keeping software that works hand-in-hand with the GT 560

Harvest Tracker is the new name for, what was formerly called, Grain Tracker software. Harvest Tracker* App – Option, using Digi-Star’s ERM-WIFI module, provides complete remote control and viewing capability of the GT 560, from any iOS or Android smart-device. The App allows Combine Operators, Truck Drivers or Farm Managers to view weight information, as well as control and operate the GT 560 indicator. The App requires ERM-WiFi radio.